Asian Offshore Support
Journal Conference 17-18, September 2019, Singapore

Asian Offshore Support<br /> Journal Conference

2018 Programme

Planning for long-term sustainability 


08:00 Registration, coffee and networking

08.40 Chairman’s welcome address
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

08.45 Platinum sponsor welcome address
Audra Drablos, Sector Development Director, Inmarsat


09:00 Oil price forecast and its impact on E&P investments and the rig market  

  • Oil prices – will they remain at the current level?
  • How will oil majors' expenditure develop and what will be hot spots for investment? 
  • How will global offshore rig rates and utilization develop?
  • How will E&P activity levels translate into vessel activity?

Jon Fredrik Müller, Partner & Head of Consulting Asia-Pacific, Rystad Energy

09.15 OSV market recovery: a 2018 perspective

  • Current state of the sector and outlook for market activity
  • Breaking down the current supply picture and potential future scenarios.
  • Review of recent restructuring and impact on market equilibrium – has the industry done enough?
  • South East Asian outlook and future bright spots for offshore marine.

Thom Payne, Director, Head of Offshore Research & Analytics, Westwood Global Energy Group

09.30 Q&A

09.40 View from the top: planning for long-term sustainability

  • Strategies for improved asset efficiency
  • Securing long-term contracts and maximising vessel utilisation
  • What are operators’ expectations for stabilisation and future M&A’s?
  • How should the talent vacuum be addressed?

Thomas Tan, Executive Chairman and CEO, Kim Heng Offshore and Marine Holdings
James Pang, Managing Director – Business Development & Commercial, Pacific Radiance
Duncan Telfer, Commercial Director, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations

10.15 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by MTU


10.55 Session chairman opening
Jeff Drake, Managing Director, Alix Partners

11.00 Adjusting to diminishing asset values 

  • Vessel categories and values
  • Asset prices in ASEAN region vs asset prices outside ASEAN region
  • Illustrating oversupply and excess tonnage in the OSV market
  • The OSV market, post downturn and consolidation era 

Amber Fan, Head of South East Asia, VesselsValue

11.15 Panel discussion: restructuring and insolvency in the offshore marine sector

  • Challenges to restructuring in a fragmented market
  • Restructuring for long-term security: what factors need to be considered for a successful out-come?
  • What companies should do next after their debt matures?
  • Refinancing – lessons learned and perspectives on the next round of restructuring

Darius Tay, Director, BlackOak
Erik Strømsø, Managing Partner, Pareto Securities Asia
Anupam Behura, Head - Structured Solutions and Advisory, Group Special Assets Management, Standard Chartered Bank
George Kypraios, Chief Executive, Yefira Consulting Pte

11.55 Panel discussion: financial strategy and management

  • Managing liquidity and cash-flow constraints
  • Long-term viability of the business at current revenue levels
  • How to survive and manage price and profit pressures
  • Exploring alternative capital sources 

Hassan Assad Basma, CEO, HBA Offshore
Diana Leng, CFO, KS Drilling
Venkatraman Sheshashayee, Managing Director, Radical Advice

12.30 Session chairman closing
Jeff Drake, Managing Director, Alix Partners
12.35 Networking lunch in the exhibition area sponsored by Focal Marine & Offshore


13.45 Global outlook for OSV’s and subsea vessels

  • Sale and purchase
  • Scrapping / conversion 
  • Regaining market balance
  • Future supply and demand gap for oil production

Tor Allen Widing, Managing Director, Fearnley Offshore Supply

14.05 Updates and policy - Malaysia

  • Implications of change in government and taxation 
  • Update on E&P projects and spending in Malaysia
  • New vessel requirements for ongoing developments
  • Updates on policy in Malaysia

 Imran Azmi, EXCO Member, Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC)

14.25 Cabotage and new regulations in Indonesia 

  • How to comply with local content and cabotage rules
  • Strategies for winning projects in today’s market
  • Understanding contractual terms, challenges and complexities
  • Dealing effectively and transparently with local partners

Sugiman Layanto, President Director, Wintermar Offshore Marine

14.45 Which regional markets are positioned for growth and how to serve them

  • Changing business models; logistics partners versus boat owners
  • What is the capital structure of a successful business going to look like?
  • Next generation propulsion systems and their uptake – hybrids, LNG, batteries or others
  • How to future-proof your OSV business based on the region it is operating at   

James Frew, Director of Consultancy, Maritime Strategies International

15.05 Q&A

15.20 Networking break in the exhibition area sponsored by MTU


16.00 The shifting standards of doing business in the Asian region and how to effectively deal with them

  • How can local players work with international owners?
  • Approaches on winning tenders, negotiating and implementing contracts
  • Best practices, expectations and key learnings on the Asian vs African markets

Tom Fairclough, General Manager Fleet Operations SE Asia & Africa, MMA Offshore Asia

16.15 Forging greater partnerships with the energy industry

  • Meeting regulatory considerations and contractor’s expectations
  • Successfully integrating commercial strategy with operational efficiency
  • Making sure vessels have high uptime and good operating philosophy 
  • Lessons learnt from previous and current cooperation arrangements with operators

Megat Zariman Abdul Rahim, Vice President, Offshore Marine Services, Bumi Armada Berhad

16.30 Q&A

16.45 Closing remarks by the chairman
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

17.00 End of conference followed by a drinks reception sponsored by ABS
18.30 End of day one


08.00 Registration, coffee and networking

08.45 Chairman’s opening address
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media


08.50 Roadmap for digitalisation in the OSV industry

  • Marine 4.0: Embracing the latest digital technologies in offshore oil and gas  – intelligent awareness system 
  • What are the key benefits of digitalisation?
  • What is coming next in digitalisation?

Henrik Grönlund, Sales Manager, Rolls-Royce Ship Intelligence

09.10 How ultra high-speed connectivity at sea can drive efficiencies 

  • Developments on high- speed data
  • How reliable data enhances operational performance
  • How high-speed data impacts crew welfare 

Audra Drablos, Sector Development Director, Inmarsat

09.30 Case study: How is digitalization driving efficiencies and cost savings in the DP Assurance field?

  • Next generation DP Assurance, moving from paper to digital workflow 

Kurt Roar Vilhelmsen, CEO, UniSea

  • DP Annual trial with digital workflow: a case study with SolstadFarstad  

Kurt Roar Vilhelmsen, CEO, UniSea 
Dag Leo Emblemsvåg,  Manager Marine & DP, Global Maritime

  • SolstadFarstad lessons learned, and the way forward

Bjørn-Inge Engene, Operations Director, SolstadFarstad

10.00 Q&A

10.20 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by the Offshore Support Journal 

11.00 Creative PSV conversions for emerging new markets

  • Repurposing high quality offshore supply vessels into eco-friendly assets 
  • Conversion solutions using LNG and power generation
  • Maximizing operational efficiencies and reducing environmental impact

Ahmad Sarthy, Director Offshore Business, ABS

11.20 Uptake of hybrid propulsion systems and battery-powered vessels

  • The bigger picture supporting hybridization
  • Why and how battery technology enters the offshore world
  • What lessons have been learned from existing battery-powered vessels? 
  • Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Arnstein Eknes, Segment Director, OSVs & Special Ships, DNV GL

11.40 Q&A


11.50 Panel Discussion: Vessel requirements driven by the offshore wind industry 

  • Innovative offshore wind vessels: technical & regulatory developments 
  • Support requirements of Taiwanese offshore wind farm developers and owners
  • How to gain access to opportunities in the offshore wind farm industry 

Matthew Tremblay, Vice President, Global Offshore Markets, ABS
Gijsbert de Jong, Marine Marketing & Sales Director, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore
Tom Manning, Deputy General Manager, CWind Taiwan
Lee Keng Lin, Deputy CEO, PACC Offshore Services Holdings (POSH)
Michael Bell, Vice President - Business Development & Marketing, ST Engineering Marine

12.50 Q&A

13.00 Networking lunch in the exhibition area sponsored by Vanuatu Maritime Services


A parliamentary-style debate structured with two opposing teams and delegates discussing a controversial industry motion. One team will argue for the motion, the other against. The winning team will be decided by audience vote.  

Motion: The OSV industry will not feel the benefits of a rising oil price in the next 12 months
14.10 Background

14.15 Proposer (for the motion)
Vivek Seth, Managing Director, MPS

14.20 Opposer (against the motion)
Mike Meade, CEO, M3 Marine Group

14.25 Seconder (for the motion)
Joshua Politis, Director & General Manager, SEACOR Marine

14.30 Seconder (against the motion)
Vivek Khabya, Managing Director, Wootz Global

14.35 Debate Points:

  • Does the stable oil price lead to enhanced market confidence?
  • Are we seeing tonnage being reactivated into a loss making market?
  • How long will it take for the oversupply situation to work itself out?
  • Will the personnel squeeze lead to an increase in seafarer costs / opex?

15.10 Vote on the motion and verdict

15.20 Closing keynote: what successful operators will do in the next 12 months to guarantee their next five years 
Duncan Telfer, Commercial Director, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations

15.40 Q&A

16.00 Concluding remarks by the chairman
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

16.20 End of conference

*programme subject to change/amendments 

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