Asian Offshore Support
Journal Conference 20-21 September 2017, Singapore

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All attendees will receive an email containing the passwords on Friday 30th September, thank you for your patience.

Gijsbert de Jong, Bureau Veritas

David Palmer

Petteri Saares, Wartsila

Joachim J Skorge, DNB Markets

Ahmad Sarthy, ABS

Geir Sjurseth, DVB

Arnstein Eknes, 

Vivek Seth, 

Donny Indrasworo, 

Mike Meade, 

Venkatraman Sheshashayee

Duncan Telfer

Imran Azmi

James Noe,

Ben Darrington, 

Dr Alf-Kare Adnanes,


Baard Alsaaker, 

Andrew Mak, 

Thibault de Rocca Serra, 

Pranav Chadha, 


Please allow up to one week for the conference papers to be uploaded to this page after the event.

Delegates will receive an email containing the passwords.

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